Project Description


Made using our Portuguese varieties, Galega and Cobraçosa, our Ribatejo P.D.O., from the Abrantes, is the result of the best Portuguese varieties selection existing on the terroir. Monitored and certified, the whole production process has the Ribatejo P.D.O. and Casa Anadia high quality guarantees. It is an olive oil of excellence. Casa Anadia, PDO Ribatejo is 100% natural and it is not filtered in order to main­tain all of its original properties.

Varieties: Galega and Cobrançosa

Harvest and extraction: During the months of October, November and December, Casa Anadia takes weekly samples from all of its groves, guaran­ teeing that the olives are harvested when they are at their perfect stage of maturation. The process and the week when this is done, vary from one olive grove to another, according to the different varie­ ties and soil types. Olive harvesting therefore takes place at the ideal moment for each variety and grove, respecting their true nature.
Harvesting is done using a combination of tradi­tional and modern methods. Some olives are hand-picked whilst others are harvested using a mechanical vibration means, without the olives ever coming into contact with the ground.
After harvesting, the olives are quickly transported to the mill, so that the extraction can begin just a few hours after they have been picked. The process that is always used is cold extraction by a two­ phase decanter.
From the moment the olive leaves the grove until its oil is extracted, takes an average of 3 hours, main­ taining all the freshness and original flavours of this freshly picked “fruit”. The different varieties are separated during harvesting and before extraction, so that they can be analyzed independently, for better batches and respective products.
Tasting Notes: A smooth olive oil, balanced with slight to average gree-ripe olive fruitness, with smooth hints of apple, green olive tree leaf. Slightly bitter and piquant. It has a relatively persistente
finish of dried fruits on the palate.
Capacity: 500ml/250ml
Acidity: 0.3°
Value Perox. (Meq 02/kg): 6
Waxes (Mg/kg): ≤150
K232: ≤2,50 | K270: ≤0,22 | ∆K: ≤0,01

32ª Ovibeja – Honorable mention
Frutado maduro 2015

International Olive Oil Competition Silver Medal – Extra Virgin 2015

New York International Olive Oil
Competition – Silver Meda – 2015