Project Description

Beluga Transatlantic Racing

Beluga Transatlantic Racing is a collector’s edition Beluga vodka that carries the spirit of marine adventure and unparalleled romanticism of sailing. The series is dedicated to Beluga yachting team, which took part and won some of the most prestigious yachting championships worldwide.

It is a product of unprecedented quality, created by true professionals for those who can appreciate the unique taste of this perfect drink.

The Recipe
The recipe of Beluga Transatlantic Racing is unique. All the ingredients making up this drink – from the purest artesian water to special malt spirit – pass a complex purification system, which includes filtering with natural cotton.
The “resting” period for this unique vodka lasts 45 days. Over this period, Beluga Transatlantic Racing acquires fresh aftertaste and a mellow, aristocratic flavor dominated by fresh citrus notes with a mild touch of licorice.

Taster’s comments
Appearance: Clear and transparent;
Flavor: A delicacy flavor dominated by fresh citrus notes and a light touch of licorice;
Taste: The bouquet is opened with a mild grain tone, eventually developing into a well-balanced taste dominated by malt notes.

Beluga Transatlantic Racing is more than just premium vodka. It is a contemporary product with its system of values, an embodiment of truly noble traditions.

Alcohol: 40%

Capacity: 0,70L