Project Description


Quadruple-distilled in traditional copper pot stills at a distillery steeped in 250 year-old tradition. Infused with the twelve of the rarest, most distinctive botanicals ever assembled in a gin, including lotus leaves, lavender and dragon eye (cousin of the lychee fruit and long heralded as an ancient Asian aphrodisiac). 12 botanicals from 8 different countries. Juniper berries from Tuscany – Italy, are grown organically and endowed with great quality.
Lake Vyrnwy, from Wales, is our fresh water source. its known to be a “Water World Class Quality”. The product is certified Kosher, vegan, and carbohydrate free.

Nose: Light and fragrant nose in a first stage, followed by wide range of botanical aromas.
Palate: smooth and harmonious texture, thanks to the presence of “sweet” botanicals like licorice, lavender and Dragon Eye. Creamy with a blend of various flavors instead of the predominance of a single flavor.
Final: seductive fruit and citrus notes absent on the nose come to life in the finish leaving an incomparable freshness. Less dry than traditional Gins and with a good complexity, notorious as the “World’s most mixable gin.”

Alcohol: 40% vol.
Capacity: 0,70L

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