Project Description


Cinzano Bianco is fragrant and full-bodied yet delicate.
The aromas and flavours of herbs and spices are superbly refreshing and welcoming. It’s friendly, flirtatious and full of style.

Colour: Pale yellow with green hints.
Nose: Smooth sweetness introducing nutmeg and cinnamon spiciness on an herbal and wine background.
Taste: Initial sweetness gently introduces nutmeg and cinnamon spiciness, followed by a long lasting and pleasant herbal bitter aftertaste.

Serving suggestion: Make sure to always serve it chilled.
Around the world it is enjoyed neat over ice. Try mixing it with one of your favourite mixers such as lemonade, juice or soda water. An easy win is to mix it with pink grapefruit juice and ice. Or throw on your best bartender smile and create one of our recommended cocktails.

Capacity: 0,75L
Alcohol: 15%