A secular heritage
Celebration of 10 years of expertise

Although contradictory, EMPOR Spirits is both a company with centuries of history as well a company celebrating a decade of existence. In the mid 19th century, and under the tradename Empor SA, the company was a pioneer in the trade of tobacco, cigars and prestige liquor brands for the domestic market; however, it was only in 2005 that EMPOR Spirits, as we now know it, was born, focused exclusively on the distribution of  premium wines and spirits brands, on a national and international scale.


  • 1861 – The company was established under the trade name “Casa Havaneza” with a core business dedicated to the import of various cigars and tobacco products.

    Over the decades, and in the course of economic shifts, Empor SA chose to diversify their business sectors and entered into the spirits business with major brands such as Moet & Chandon and Dewares whiskey, among other top luxury brands, eventually becoming leader in the premium segment.

  • 2005 – Due to changes in the international cigars sector, Empor SA merges with a leading Spanish group in order to consolidate its Iberian business (implementation was completed in September 2005).
  • 2006 – One of the effects is the spin-off of the premium beverages business and the creation of Empor II SA, to benefit from the experience and know-how developed in this sector as well as to maintain the relationship with the already acquired brands.

A history of Great Brands