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3. When using this site, you should leave it if:

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4. Use of materials

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5. Copyrights, Brands and other Property Rights.

The content of this site, including brands, drawings, logos, texts, images, audio and video is Empor II S.A. exclusive property, unless is communicated otherwise. Is not allowed to the user to show, copy, distribute, change, pass on or use the material in other way, which is Empor II S.A. property and mustn’t be used for any other purpose being public or comercial, without prior and written consentient from Empor II S.A.

6. Disclaimer of warrants

The use of this site is the user’s responsibility. This site and it’s content are provided to the user without any kind of warranties, written or implicit, including warrants commercialization of non-violation of other’s rights and right fit to a specific purpose, or even any warranty about this site access, being interruptions, errors, it’s safety or virus immunity, or even any damages to the user regarding the origin and accuracy of the content’s information.

7. Empor II S.A. has the right to limit and/or not allow at any moment the users access to the site and/or to any page of site, with or without prior communication.

8. Responsability restrain

According to the law, Empor II S.A., including its legal representatives, board members and employees, will not be responsible for any damage, injury or loss to the user (including damages that are direct, indirect, accidental, specials, punitive, loss of profit or interruption of site’s activity) that is shown as a result of the use or the absence of use of this site and its content, being grounded with a warranty, contract, delict, or any other legal basis. All the above is true despite Empor II S.A. possible negligence and/or the absence of notification of that damage existence.

9. Restitution

The user of this site agrees to defend, restitute and exempt Empor II S.A. from liability from and against any claim or offer presented from others, and from every obligation, damages, costs and expenses attached to it (including attorney fees) that result or refer to the usage of this site, content that the user might send to this site, violation from the user of any right of a third part and/or the violation by the user of the Terms and Conditions.

10. Jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions will be ruled and interpreted according to the Portuguese Law. The user consents, irrevocably, respecting the jurisdiction of the courts located in Portugal, to take cognizance of any action resulted or related to the Terms and Conditions and/or to the utilization of this site.

11. Messages to this site

Any message or other content that the user sends to the site, through electronic mail, forum message, archive and/or any other way will be considered as a non confidential information. By sending a message to this site, the user automatically gives to Empor II S.A. a free, non limited, perpetual, irrevocable and non exclusive license, so that Empor S.A. can use, copy, modify, publish, edit, translate, share, execute and/or show the referred message separately and/or as a part of other contents in any shape, media or technology that is currently known or could be developed in the future and that might even sublicense it’s rights. The user acknowledge that Empor II S.A. is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that can be in any message that the user sends to this site, for any purpose including the development, manufacture and/or commercialization of Products, and that Empor II S.A. will not have to compensate the user, nor of recognize the user as a counterpart of that.

The user agrees not to send to this site any illicit, threatening, accusatory, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, pornographic or profane content and/or any other content that might constitute or promote any Law violation. Empor II S.A. will cooperate with any authority toward Law enforcement or court decision, by solicitation or order to Empor II S.A. to reveal the identity, help identify or track the user that sent the content.

12. Empor II S.A. does not select or monitor previously the content from any message sent to this site by others and it isn’t responsible for the selection and monitoring of the content of such messages. If notified, Empor II S.A. might inquire if any of the sent contents to this site is violating the Terms and Conditions and might decide if the content will be removed from the site.

Empor II S.A. will not have any obligation of removing from the site any content that is send by others and doesn’t have any responsibility or obligation referring this kind of content, including any error, defamation, slander, treachery, omission, falseness, obscenity, pornography, danger and/or inaccuracy that might be inside the content.

Empor II S.A. does not have any responsibility regarding any action or content sent from the user or any others, on or off this site. By accessing any content of the site, the user states that he knows that the content will be send by electronic mail, not being able to charge responsibility on Empor II S.A. for any kind of fraud, bad use related with content loss, full or partial copy of elements of the messages sent.

13. Privacy Statement

The domain server for this site records and storages only the common information, which includes the internet protocol used by our user to access it, the date and time spent in this access, the last link that redirected the user to the present site and, if needed, the user’s age to know if he/she has legal age for alcoholic beverage consumption. This Intel will be used to measure the visits to each section of this site, to determine if its users have legal age for alcoholic beverages consumption and to help Empor II S.A. to improve this site with the purpose of making it more useful to its users.

14. Personal Data and Privacy

Empor II S.A. will not report to others the user’s personal data without his/her written consent.  The user can check, change and eliminate the personal data that he/her sent to Empor II S.A.

15. Use of Cookies

Cookies are data files that a website sends to your computer while you’re visiting that same site. This data files have information that allow the site to memorize important data to make it more efficient and useful.

Empor II S.A.’s site doesn’t collect automatically any personal information from the user. In each visit, the site records one or more cookies (text archive) on the user’s computer, which are used to count and personalize the users visit. These cookies don’t save nor collect personal information. The cookies records on the computer can always be monitored through the users own browser.

16. Links to other Sites

This site has links for other sites. Those links are provided only for the users’ convenience. Empor II S.A. doesn’t take responsibility for any of this sites nor their content. The user access to these sites is his/her responsibility.

17. General Provisions

If any Terms and Conditions provision is not considered by any court, the remaining provisions will not have its validation affected.