4 New Products of the Century Old Casa da Passarella

Empor Spirits & Wine invites you to taste and know the history of what was considered one of the Best Wines of the Year by the guide “Wines of Portugal 2016”, which features the exclusive launch of four new wines, on 15 October, Thursday, at 18.30. To the distinguished Fugitivo Garrafeira Branco 2013 selected by expert João Paulo Martins’s book, joins the Fugitivo Vinha Centenária Tinto 2012; the Enxertia Jaen Tinto 2012; the Enxertia Jaen Tinto 2012; and the Vinha do Províncio Branco 2012, under the imprint of Villa Oliveira, the first brand created by the House of Passarella, over 100 years ago.

Lançamento_Casa_da_Passarella (pt)

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